Articles from The National Psychologist

Articles from The National Psychologist:

Second generation psychologist makes reimbursement a priority at APA
The National Psychologist, July/August 2019, Vol 28(4), p 16

TPE audits target high volume providers
The National Psychologist, July/August 2019, vol 28 (4), p 1.

National Psychologist, Psychologists face denials, delays in testing payments
May/June 2019 National Psychologist

Retirees are untapped market for psychologists
March/April 2019, The National Psychologist, 28(2), p.7

2019 brings overhaul of testing codes and payment changes
Hartman-Stein, P. (January/February 2019), The National Psychologist, 28(1), p. 1
Medicare letter comparing psychologists’ billing sparks anxiety and anger
The National Psychologist (2018, November/December, 27, 6, p. 6)
New prepayment audits strike fear in Medicare providers
May/June 2018, vol. 27,3, p.1

CMS unfairly penalizing psychologists for PQRS
The National Psychologist, January/February 2018, vol 27(1), p. 1

Psychology loses its MVP on national health care team, The National Psychologist
November/December 2017, Vol 26, number 6, page 6

Psychologists are told ominous letters are ‘just educational’
The National Psychologist, (July/August 2017), 26 (4), p. 6

Drug tests add doubt to amyloid theory on Alzheimer’s disease
(March/April 2017)

Psychologists can submit quality measures in 2017
(2017 January/ February)

Fraud grabs headlines but psychologists more often troubled by poor documentation
(November-December 2016, Vol 25, 6, p.6)

CMS Proposes Payment Model for Integrated Care (September/October 2016)

Medicare payments to focus on value not volume ( July/August 2016)
The National Psychologist, Vol 25, no. 4

CMS wrongfully denying PQRS incentives (May/June 2016)

CMS financial penalty letter stirs reactions against APA and the government (January/February 2016)

Zimbardo promotes heroism around the world (November/December 2015)

CMS medication policy creates opportunities for psychologists (September/October 2015)

Better brain health through behavior is promoted (July/August 2015)

GAO criticizes how Medicare payment rates are set (July/August 2015)

Cummings creates independent institute for doctorate of behavioral health (May/June 2015)

Medicare penalties catch uninformed psychologists off guard. (March/April 2015)

PQRS: a quality vaccination for behavioral healthcare. (March/April 2015)

ABPP in Geropsychology draws accolades and aspersions. (Jan/Feb 2015)

APA advice puts psychologists at risk, expert says (November/December 2014)

$3.5 million donation will fund major expansion of psychology museum (September/October 2014)

New health care codes released mid-year in unprecedented move (September/October 2014)

Commercial insurers actively reviewing patient records for ‘waste’ (July/August 2014)

National health care trends highlighted at Ohio conference (May/June 2014)

Larger bonuses and penalties coming for Medicare (March/April 2014)

Government health care changes have wins, losses for psychology (January/February 2014)

Primary care openings abound now for psychologists (November/December 2013)

Medicare payments to psychologists suddenly reduced (September/October 2013)

Supporters say results show ‘energy psychology’ works (July/August 2013)

Psychology museum is recognized travel stop (July/August 2013)

Board certification coming for geropsychology; New website available for geropsychology (May/June 2013)

Psychotherapy code changes confuse providers and payers (March/April 2013)

Medicare 2013 Updates: Payment for psychotherapy dips despite AMA recommendations for higher rates.

Medicare to cut payments for not meeting reporting requirements (November/December 2012)

The New Year will bring new billing codes for all psychotherapists (November/December 2012)

Unsung hero fights for psychologists (September/October 2012)

AMA heavily influencing changes in psychotherapy payment rates (September/October 2012)

Revised national plan on Alzheimer’s is released (July/August 2012)

Revision of psychotherapy codes expected in early 2013 (May/June 2012)

Alzheimer’s plan emphasizes biology over behavior (March/April 2012)

Medicare Update (November/December 2011)

Retirement Coaching (September/October 2011)

Psychologists push for spot early in health care reform (July/August 2011)

Medicare audits and reviews on the rise (May/June 2011)

APA issues new dementia guidelines (March/April 2011)

Private Insurers paying PQRS Bonuses (March/April 2011)

AMA seeks further review of CPT codes (January/February 2011)

Integrative Mental Health Conference (November/December 2010)

New guidelines for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s (September/October 2010)

500 plus psychologists can impact future payment rates (July/August 2010)

Emotions persist after memories fade (May/June 2010)

Mental health “carve-outs” sue to block parity (May/June 2010)

‘Slow bleed’ of Medicare reimbursement rates begins in 2010 (January/February 2010)

Need for “Creative Extremism” stressed at NAPPP Conference (November/December 2009)

Medicare update: Managed care work provides no protection from audits (September/October 2009)

Medicare update summer 2009: Probablility of audits increases (July/August 2009)

Integration with primary care can save psychology (May/June 2009)

PQRI Update: Medicare bonuses tied to quality measures reporting (March/April 2009)

Medicare update 2009 (January/February 2009)

“Data Mining programs” intensify scrutiny of Medicare Claims (September/October 2008)

EBT programs to treat geriatric depression (July/August 2008)

Review of Peter Whitehouse’s book The Myth of Alzheimer’s Disease (July/August 2008)

‘Use or lose’ bonuses ready to go (March/April 2008)

Psychology gains major role in defining quality care (November/December 2007)

Medicare mid year update: Psychologists eligible for bonuses in 2nd year (July/August 2007)

Prognosis not all bad for Medicare fees (January/February 2007)

Billing code modifiers ensure payment for testing services (November/December 2006)

Fifteen public sector psychologists start tuition (September/October 2006)

Pikes Peak Model is geropsychology first (July/August 2006)

New testing codes create winners, losers (March/April 2006)

New testing codes create winners, losers (January/February 2006)

AMA restructures CPT testing codes (November/December 2005)

Texas Psychologists win ‘crossover’ payments for seniors (September/October 2005)

Mental Gymnastic Programs Appeal to Adults with Memory Concerns (July/August 2005)

Persistent psychologist wins change in Medicare regulation (March/April 2005)

Overhaul of psychological testing codes may boost reimbursement rates (January/February 2005)

The Feds help transform psychology researchers and clinicians into entrepreneurs (November/December 2004)

Proper documentation helps withstand Medicare audits (September/October 2004)

Psychologists develop new roles with Parkinson July/August 2004)

Evidence-based treatments identified for geriatric depression
(March/April 2004)

Medicare drug bill encouraging to psychologists who work with older adults (March/April 2004)

Medicare update 2004: Reimbursement for “work value” under review (January/February 2004)

OIG Workplan 2004 (November/December 2003)

New York psychologists notch win in Medicare (September/October 2003)

End Stage Renal Disease presents practice opportunities (July/August 2003)

AMA studies work value of testing codes (May/June 2003)

Retirees to help cut Medicare billing errors (Jan./Feb 2003)

Cummings: HIPAA may become most disruptive, impactful force in psychotherapy practice (Nov./December 2002)

Emerging Practice Opportunities: Combining geropsychology, family psychology, and family law

Electronic mail adds to successful practice (Sept/October 2002)

Survey of psych testing codes may affect reimbursement rates in ’03 (July/August 2002)

Psychology soon to be challenged by coming “age wave” (May/June 2002)

Medicare records review: problems will continue for those who document poorly (March/April 2002)

New health and behavior codes payments temporarily stopped (March/April 2002)

Bad news: Medicare to cut fees in 2002; economy blamed (Jan./Feb.2002)

Proper Utilization of Health and Behavior Assessment Intervention Codes by Dr. Jim Georgoulakis

Demented Patients Have Shown Impact Of Tragedy (Nov./Dec. 2001)

Federal Agency to Begin Reimbursing Long-Denied Diagnosis for Dementia (Nov./Dec. 2001)

Neuropsychology is Thriving but Gender Salary Gap Exists (Sept/ Oct 2001)

Psychologists Overcome Barriers to Work with Hospice Patients (July/August 2001)

Team Based Approach To Managing Client Problems (May/ June 2001)

Psychologists and New Medicare Billing Codes (March/April 2001)

“Medically Unnecessary” says OIG regarding testing (March/April 2001)

Local Advocacy Important for Dementia Patients (Jan/Feb 2001)

AMA Accepts New CPT Codes (Jan/Feb 2001)

Uses of Psychology in the Healthcare of Older Adults (Congressional Briefing)

Getting Involved Politically (Presentation to APA Public Policy Committee)

U.S. Inspector General urges psychologists to set up voluntary compliance procedures (September/October 2000)

Psychologists lead Congressional briefing on elderly but bill on aging still lingering (July/August 2000)

Psychological Testing under Medicare (May/June 2000)

HCFA may probe psychotherapy with demented patients(March/ April 2000)

CPT Codes to be reviewed (Jan./Feb., 2000)

Advances in Geropsychology (Jan./Feb., 2000)

Expect harsh intensive scrutiny if HCFA audits Medicare claims (Nov/Dec., 1999)

Training for Psychologists would get boost if Senate Bill passes (Sept./ Oct., 1999)

Questions of Legal Competence Open up Consulting Niche (July/ August 1999)

Negotiation with Medicare: Options for Psychologists (May/ June 1999)

Report on the Bi-Partisan Commission (March/ April 1999)

Medicare Fees on the Rise in 1999 (Jan./Feb., 1999)

Mental Heath Care Under Scrutiny – New Medicare Review Processes for Mental Health (Nov./ Dec., 1998)

Elder Abuse and Mistreatment, Summit County Medical Society, October, 1998

Psychology News in Medicare Today – Consolidated Billing for Nursing Homes (Sept/Oct., 1998)

Psychologists fees to be affected by Medicare RBRVS study (March/April 1993)

The hospital-based psychologist: Paradise or purgatory? (1991) also published in The Ohio Psychologist (1991) 37, 8-9

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