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Dr. Hartman-Stein is a nationally recognized healthcare consultant, educator, journalist. and clinical psychologist who specializes in working with older adults and late life families. Her undergraduate work is from the University of Pittsburgh and she completed graduate degrees from West Virginia University and Kent State University. She has over 30 years of clinical experience in settings ranging from acute care hospitals, primary care and long term cae settings as well as in the private practice she founded 21 years ago, the Center for Healthy Aging.
She is an inspiring, motivating speaker who has addressed health care professionals and lay audiences from Ohio to Australia on topics such as the following:
•Mental health needs of the Baby Boomer to the Centenarian
•Cognitive fitness approaches: What does the evidence show and what is promising to delay dementia?
•Writing workshops and retreats on topics such as Reflective Writing through Connecting with Nature; Guided autobiography; Thriving after Retiring.
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Read latest article for National Psychologist:
Medicare payments to focus on value not volume
The National Psychologist, Vol 25, no. 4, July/August 2016



Available for keynote speaking & seminars

Dr. Hartman-Stein is a nationally recognized healthcare consultant, educator, journalist. and clinical psychologist who specializes in working with older adults and late life families.

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Consultation Services

Dr. Hartman-Stein conducts behavioral wellness groups, individual and family consultations on aging issues including strategies for caring for individuals with memory loss.

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PQRS Templates available

2016 training packages available for PQRS behavioral health measures

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Sept 30th & Oct. 7th at CSU

Click the event on the 30th & Oct. 7th for more info & register ! We offer a wide variety of  approved CE programs for counselors, social workers and psychologists Visit our website Cleveland State University offers a wide variety of approved half-day and full-day continuing education workshops for counselors, psychologists, and social workers. Our

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Dr. Paula Hartman-Stein


The next meditation program is Thursday October 20th from 4pm to 6pm Topics for discussion include how to do a 5 minute mindfulness meditation exercise and the importance of “intention” in daily life. Contact:  paula@centerforhealthyaging.com Name Email Reason for Email Speaking Engagement General Information Consultation Workshops Comments

Yoga May Be Good for the Brain By Gretchen Reynolds June 1, 2016 5:31 am A weekly routine of yoga and meditation may strengthen thinking skills and help to stave off aging-related mental decline, according to a new study of older adults with early signs of memory problems. Most of us past the age of

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Tame your brain!

How silence actually affects our brain What if the time we spent in silence with no other noise or stimulus could actually improve our memory and brain function? That’s what scientists are discovering in new studies that show when mice were exposed to two hours of silence a day, that cells the hippocampus actually grew.

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Courageous Confessions

Courageous Confessions The first time I saw and heard Dr. Matthew Fox I admired his courage first and foremost. He was on a book tour about The Pope’s War, speaking to a small crowd in a local bookstore in Asheville, NC. I was only vaguely familiar with his writings then but immediately felt the powerful

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Everyday heroes have “courageous conversations”

Everyday heroes have “courageous conversations” On October 5th I heard a rousing, riveting speech at the University of Akron by the famous social psychologist, Dr. Phil Zimbardo, who is best known for his 1971 Stanford Prison experiment in which ordinary college students morphed into monstrous, abusive prison guards in a role play situation that rapidly

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