Consultation Services

DR. Paula provides on site training to staff of long term care facilities to teach behavioral ways of managing challenging behaviors of people living with dementia.

• Family caregiver decision meetings for spouses and adult children of frail, memory impaired elders: These are approximately 2 hour sessions to provide information and discuss options about how to keep the older adult safe but as independent as possible. Other topics include techniques to cut down on repetitive questions from memory impaired adults (e.g., spaced retrieval) and recommendations for improving cognitive fitness based on available research evidence.

• Training and consultation to organizations involved with the care of older adults.

– Dr. Hartman-Stein offers lectures and workshops on the following:

• What Baby Boomers can do to stay healthy in late life

• Preventing and treating depression

• How to manage challenging behaviors in patients with dementia WITHOUT pills

• Identifying and treating dementia

• Coping with care-giving


Dr. Hartman-Stein offers consultations to Behavioral Health practices regarding Medicare documentation suggestions for psychotherapy.
Consultation fee is $250 per hour.

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