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Dr. Paula welcomes requests for workshops and speaking engagements. She presents to a wide range of audiences, both to professionals and the lay public on topics such as cognitive enhancement strategies and the top 10 non-pharmacological strategies to prevent and treat depression. As a writer and experienced psychotherapist, Dr. Paula conducts expressive writing workshops.

She inspires her audience and workshop participants to write deeply and with authenticity to deepen resilience, solve problems, and gain spiritual and emotional insights. She uses expressive writing as a complement to psychotherapy and teaches mental health clinicians how to use this modality of treatment effectively with their clients.

Dr. Paula tailors her presentations in content and length to meet the needs of sponsoring groups.

You may contact her through or call her office directly at 330-671-6241 or use the form below.

Topics include:
“How to stay cognitively fit through retirement and late life”
“The Positive Power of the Pen for good mental health”
“Overcoming ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’ in Adults”
“Psychological and Spiritual Care for the Caregiver”
“Integrating Geriatric Behavioral Health in Primary Care”

Other topics presented to community and academic groups:

• Coping with the care of elderly parents
• Diagnosing early dementia
• Enhancing spelling and memory skills in older adults
• Instituting “brain healthy” lifestyle programs for older adults in a retirement community
• Evaluating older adults with diminished capacity
• Community interventions for improving mood and cognition in older adults
• Strategies to reduce depression in memory impaired older adults and their caregivers
• Use of guided reminiscence and meditation: exploring spirituality in therapeutic groups
• Combining guided reminiscence/expressive writing and meditative practice
• Top ten non-pharmacological approaches to prevention and treatment of depression

For a complete list, click here to go to Dr. Paula’s Vita (PDF)

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