Dr. Paula’s background regarding Medicare including PQRS

I am no stranger in struggling to understand Medicare regulations, as I began this path in 1992 as  one of the 7 psychologists who worked with a Harvard economist when Psychology was about to be included in the Resource Based Relative Value Scale reimbursement system. Then in 2007 after a recommendation by Division 12 of APA, I agreed to chair the first quality measure panel for PQRS for psychology. Why did I do this? It is simple—I believe in the importance of having Psychology’s Voice heard at the table when healthcare policy is being formed, not after the fact. Last week I agreed to be part of Technical Expert Panels for three measures to refine them for their use in 2015.

So, yes I have become a PQRS policy wonk. I have had a solo practice for 20 years. By spending hours struggling with and learning PQRS implementation in my own clinical work in Kent, Ohio, I can now offer consultation and training to others so PQRS is doable and not daunting for all psychologists who choose to participate. If you can work as a psychologist or social worker in a cash only business, then PQRS is not necessary in your life. But if you turn in insurance claims or your company turns them in, then PQRS will be in your life in the near future. Sources for my news stories in The National Psychologist newspaper agree that in the near future PQRS will NOT be only for Medicare providers.

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