Why meditating and walking your dog go together


Why meditating and walking your dog go together

There are so many benefits of being outdoors: it improves our health, lifts our attitude and reconnects us to nature and the world around us.

The Buddha says that there are Four Foundations for Mindfulness and also Four Postures. One of those is walking – something most of us enjoy doing. But if you’re a dog owner, your pet is probably almost always along for the stroll. So how do you – or should you – combine the two?

Read here about how taking the time to follow the teachings of both the Buddha and Thich Nhat Hanh can help you meditate while doing this sometimes mundane chore. By adding the awareness of your physical body during walking, it becomes a part of your mindfulness routine.

What if you don’t own a dog? This article gives you (literally) step-by-step advice on how to do a walking meditation. No matter what your current meditation practice includes, getting outside and moving can liven up your regimen. Enjoy!