Tame your brain!


How silence actually affects our brain

What if the time we spent in silence with no other noise or stimulus could actually improve our memory and brain function? That’s what scientists are discovering in new studies that show when mice were exposed to two hours of silence a day, that cells the hippocampus actually grew. This part of the brain is associated with memory, emotion and learning. Studies have long shows that extensive noise pollution can negatively impact cognitive task performance, especially in children. However they are also finding that the brain can begin to repair itself with designated time spent in silence. Read more about it here.

What is Coherence?

Almost all of Wild Divine’s programs are structured to help us achieve this state. When we are said to be in “Coherence” we can tell you that many positive changes in the body occur. Not only do we have the correct amount of oxygen flowing through our bodies and brains, this coherent state produces a sense of peace and flow.

When we synchronize our heart rate with the breath, we can reach what is known as the heart’s “Resonant Frequency” or Coherence. Meditation, slow and easy abdominal breathing, or connecting with positive emotions are three researched ways for getting this desired pattern of both strength and balance.

How do we measure or show Coherence?

Coherence is displayed in Wild Divine’s programs in several different ways. If you looked at a graphing screen (such as within the Relaxing Rhythms programs) you’ll see that as you breathe regularly, a sine-wave pattern begins to form. Coherence is measuring the periodicity, or length of time between each peak or valley of each breathing cycle. When these become even, then you are breathing in Coherence or this Resonate Frequency. In the Graph, we display your performance in two ways: as a percentage score, or on the color gradient chart, yellow being low Coherence to deep blue showing high Coherence.


To succeed within the game events in Wild Divine’s programs, players must learn to breathe in a relaxed way or to use positive emotions to move into a coherent state to complete various tasks or game events. It means adapting an “allowing attitude” – a kind of passive will. It’s the difference between saying “I must do this,” and learning that the only way you’re going to progress is by deepening your breathing or being in touch with more positive emotions or imagining that what you want to happen is already happening – bringing the wished-for event into the present.

When we are in this state of coherence, its desired vibration pattern ripples out around us in an electromagnetic doughnut shape detectable eight or more feet in all directions. It even shows up in the brainwaves of anyone we touch!  Who wouldn’t want to experience the positive effects of such a state more and more often?

You can find programs such as The Journey to Eagle Mountain, Villa Serena or the Games of Wild Divine to provide this sort of biofeedback experience. Learn more about them here.